Craziest Architecture in the World

There are thousands of architects throughout the world who dream and dare to turn their craziest ideas into efficient buildings. The works of qualified engineers and architects have produced some of the most amazing architecture that surprise everyone who looks upon them. These buildings puzzle the human mind and show the incredible accomplishments that can be achieved with architecture. Below are some of the most amazing buildings that are functional and have a purpose:

1  Eden Project: Cornwell, Uk

The first location that is worth your attention is the Eden Project: Cornwell, UK that is considered by some as a Wonder of the World. It is a set of tropical biomes: global gardens with a considerable number of plant species stored in internally restricted climates. The garden is the size of total 30 football fields. It was recognized by the Best UK Leisure Attraction as it has a beautiful and complex structure from outside and there is a climate of relationships between humans and animals on the inside. This location is educating the world about a sustainable future and contributing to enhancing the creativity of architects around the world.

2  The Basket Building: Longaberger Headquarters: Ohio, U.S.

The Longaberger Company has a structure of a giant basket that will catch your eye from a distance. The basket building consists of a complete corporate workplace of the company making baskets. The steel structure and the system of synthetic plaster make the building unique and it has grabbed the attention of media companies from all over the world. The exterior is breathtaking and the interior includes grand staircases and marble floors that enhance the beauty of the basket building. The designs of the player piano and the cherry woodwork add value to the appearance of the building.

3  Habitat 67: Montreal, Canada

The next mind-blowing piece of architecture is Habitat 67: Montreal, Canada, which is a series of the apartments and consists of a model community. The fabricated modular unit provides a suburban environment. There are 354 identical boxes or fabricate modules that connect to each other with steel cables. The shape and size of these modules are not the same as there are 600 square-foot modules in various configurations. It provides quality housing in the urban setup and the pedestrian streets separate apartments from each other. It is a Three-Dimensional Modular System that includes housing units, shopping centers, and educational institutions.

4  Spittelau District Heating Plant; Vienna, Austria

The exterior of the Spiegelau District Plant is a marvelous piece of art and also a source of clean energy. While the architectural design is very innovative and artistic, the building also serves the purpose of educating people about environmental protection and climate safety. The colorful, irregular structure of architecture also works fascinatingly about waste and art. Tours are available for tourists to more easily understand the concept of climate protection. This building is an awesome way to use architecture to help inform people about important subjects.

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