Different Types of Architecture

Architectural designs from all over the world have kept secrets about civilizations, living standards and cultures of ancient people. Architecture reveals important moments in history and how the human race has developed throughout time. Below are some major architectural styles which have had a huge impact on the field of architecture.

Ancient Egyptian Architecture

The Pyramids of Giza are known to everybody who even has a little knowledge of the world. These are known to be the most influential structure in the history of architecture. The Egyptian civilization is considered to be the most powerful civilization in history. Egyptian firs built their temples using their architecture and then moved towards making Pyramids. Greek and Roman architecture is mostly a blend of these Ancient Egyptian structures.

Greek and Roman Architecture

Both Greek and Roman architecture are considered identical and are better known as classical architecture. These civilizations started making structures using a set template. The Greeks mostly use a column sequence of Doric, Ionic and Corinthian. There are a few iconic buildings that come from these forms of architecture, including the Acropolis complex in Athens, the Colosseum and the Pantheon in Rome.

Byzantine Architecture

Byzantine Architecture was at its peak during 527 to 1453 and it evolved when Constantine changed the capital of Roman Empire to Constantinople. The most iconic structure from Byzantine architecture is the Hagia Sophia, which represents this style of architecture in all its glory. St Basil’s Cathedral in Moscow also borrowed elements from Byzantine Architecture, mixed with Russia’s traditional architecture.

Mesoamerican Architecture

It is mostly referred to the people living in Central America, central Mexico to northern Costa Rica nowadays. This architecture is a mixture of mythological and religious beliefs. It was believed by those people that their architecture is substantial and representative of their faith. The most renowned building of Mesoamerican Architecture includes El Castillo pyramid at the city of Maya.

Gothic Architecture

This architectural design ruled Europe for decades, and most of the well-known churches are built using Gothic architecture. The characteristic features of this style include pointed arches, flying buttresses, and ribbed vaults. This style emphasizes wall height and reducing volume. Notre-Dame in Paris was one of the first French churches built using Gothic architecture.

Neoclassical Architecture

While this style is very much influenced by Roman architecture, it is much simpler. The idea of simplicity is borrowed from Baroque and Rococo. This style was most famous in recent centuries – most buildings in the USA are built using Neoclassical architectural styles, including the White House and the Lincoln Memorial.

Modern Architecture

Modern architecture is a rather broad term and encompasses many of the architectural forms. Its popularity was at its peak during the early 1900s and was renowned even after World War II. The most famous building under this architectural style is Villa Savoye by Le Corbusier.

Neofuturist Architecture

The most recent and new style of architecture is known as Neofuturistic architecture and it is being used by many new buildings. The most renowned building using this architectural style is The Shard. 

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