What It’s Like to Be an Architect

Many students aspire to study in universities to become architects. However, they aren’t always aware that there is a need for consistent commitment and that the job may not be exactly as they imagined.

The studio of an architect is a real studio where she/he works on new designs. It can be a struggle to come up with new ideas to present the best of her/his work. Surprisingly, not all the works of an architect can bring a great design. Architects occasionally have to compromise their ideas, due to the instructions from their client. Additionally, she/he needs to read every detail of regarding the construction to make sure they can achieve a successful design.

The reality of the architectural industry is that many in the market convey an individual message through their designs. The time an architect starts sketching with his/her pencil on paper, creating diagrams and forming their structural design, he or she is also solving many problems of clients. This work can sometimes be uninspiring and sometimes very inspiring, depending on the restrictions imposed by the client.

There are many professional responsibilities of an architect other than making a design. Currently, there are a lot of expectations with architects such as running organizations and teaching others as well. They have a responsibility to provide the best ideas for their clients. One of the primary responsibilities of architects has become minimizing the impact of new structures on the environment. It is one of the goals of many companies providing architectural services. Architectural challenges will continue to increase, as the focus on minimal environmental impact has become a huge concern.

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